Free Will

The Illusion of Free Will

At any moment in time, the decisions we make are based on who we are, what we have to work with intellectually, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and the combination of all our life experiences.

We could make no other choice, it’s who we are at that moment.

If there’s any truth to that, we better start being a whole lot kinder to one another because we’re all mentally impaired to a lessor or greater degree.  We push ourselves towards being kind and we alter our future for the better.

Right to Self-Determination

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the last 20+ years or you’ve never watched the news, you know what a circus the government is. It’s divided against itself to first approximation.  The left right paradigm only agrees on one thing, war.  Then there’s the mainstream news to keep us informed of what the government is doing. One news channel says one thing and a different news channel says the opposite.  Somebody’s lying.  Once you dig a little deeper, you begin to see the extent to which we’re being lied to.  As Judge Andrew Napolitano stated: ” The Government lies to us daily on matters great and small.”


Humanity tries to find its way to a more civilized existence but the path is being blocked by those who view us as a renewable natural resource to be controlled, used to their benefit, and then discarded. Make no mistake, we’re in a war for control of our own minds.




We’ve been alienated from our true selves and whatever that is,

it’s better without the negative influence.

In my opinion, this is what JFK was referring to in this part of his Secret Society Speech…. whether he realized it or not and this is what stands in the way of humanity’s further progress.

      1. JFKcovetmeans

These family dynasties and others control our government and most governments around the world.  To eliminate their unwanted interference in our lives, a good first step would be to remove their mechanism of control, the government itself.  And in this regard, the best solution I’ve seen yet is @adamkokesh

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