Liberty vs Labels

Liberty, Labels, and Logic

Are we over-thinking when we identify with a certain political party or philosophy?  I think there is some merit in keeping things simple.  In the following 30 second video, John McAfee keeps it simple and truer words were never spoken.  Add to that the Thomas Paine quote.  Something more needs to be said?  It’s not about left or right, anarchism or any of the other labels that do nothing but divide us.  It’s freedom or tyranny and nothing else.  I’m not a label, I’m a human being but what about liberty?



What IS liberty?

I’ve read conflicting accounts of whether Jefferson ever actually said this but the words stand on their own.  Those words embody the non-aggression principle and it could stand as the only rule we need.  What possible scenario could not be adjudicated (not in a court) by that principle.

How does government fit in here?  Simple, it doesn’t.  Governments are freedom killers and serve no useful purpose.  Governments (or rather those controlling them) are the greatest threat to humanity’s survival.  They’re on a mission to own and control everything including the planet’s greatest natural resource, human beings.

We will never have peace as long as government exists.  This is the legacy it appears we will leave to our children if we don’t rally around some very simple concepts for purposes of solidarity.  United we stand, divided we fall.  We have zero chance if we can agree on nothing which is where keeping it simple has merit.

Truth is the only rightful authority.  No person has authority because our rights are equal.

Freedom or Tyranny